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Reorder a GCT by sorting on a property such as the gene symbol, average expression level, sum and variance

TIP: For "gene symbol"; the module "ReannotateGCT" will format a GCT recognised by this module

Operating System:
Original Author:
Kevin Ying @Garvan Institute
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kevyin on September 02, 2011 00:31
Version Comment:
updated documentation with citation.

Python requirement

Posted by pcarr on May 12, 2016 12:17

I had to update the commandLine to use Python-2.7 on Broad compute cluster. From: commandLine=python ... To: commandLine=<run-with-env> -u Python-2.7 python ... Note: The <run-with-env> substitution is built-in to newer versions of GenePattern; but can also be applied to your older servers.

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