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Matches Fluidigm fingerprint report to reference set of CCLE SNP6.0 array data.\nTakes old Fluidigm software report or new PED style report (saved as .csv).\nAlso backwards compatible with Sequenom reports (Combine 100k and AffySNP6.0 reports together into one file first).

Operating System:
Original Author:
Barbara Weir, adapted from Nico Stransky;The Broad Institute
Uploaded by:
AchillesTeam on January 19, 2017 16:39
Version Comment:
updates for Sequenom

Updated Contact info for the Achilles Team

Posted by bhill on March 20, 2018 17:04

If you are looking to contact the Achilles Team, please note the primary module developer, Barbara Weir, is no longer at the Broad Institute. She has set up the following email address to answer questions about the Achilles Modules. AchillesTeamArchive@gmail.com

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