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This module calculates the intersecting and non-intersecting identifiers between two tab delimited files. The files may be of different formats but must be tab delimited.You provide the column (index starting at 1) containing the identifier for each file. This module then outputs four files.

  1. Intersection – identifiers that appeared in both files, one per line
  2. Not-in-first – identifiers present in the second file but not in the first
  3. Not-in-second – identifiers present in the first file but not in the second.
  4. Non-intersection – the concatenation of the not in first and not in second files

Text file output is suitable for sending to SelectFeaturesRows if you wish to subset the data based on the intersecting (or non) identifiers.

Operating System:
Original Author:
Ted Liefeld;Broad Institute
Uploaded by:
liefeld on June 26, 2012 10:24
Version Comment:
Initial Implementation