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Interactive/GUI-based K-means clustering

Quickly and easily cluster genes by their expression profiles across any number of conditions. With a full, user-friendly graphical interface, ExpressCluster allows researchers to visualize results instantly in order to generate complex gene lists/signatures, heatmaps, and new expression datasets based on computed clusters. While the default settings will accommodate most people’s needs, more advanced parameter options are available, giving maximum flexibility and control over how data are treated.

NOTE: This replaces the original "release candidate" version which was still in testing. Version 1.3 is the first "official" release and contains several critical fixes, improvements and new features. Version 1RC should be considered obsolete.

Operating System:
Original Author:
Scott P Davis, Benoist/Mathis Lab - Harvard Medical School
Uploaded by:
Scott Davis on November 15, 2011 15:24
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